Seminar and Trade Mission on the Greenhouse Sector in Kazakhstan

Seminar and Trade Mission on the Greenhouse Sector in Kazakhstan in the framework of the EXPO-2017, 5-7 September 2017 (Astana & Taldykorgan)

The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs is pleased to announce an upcoming Seminar and Trade Mission on the Greenhouse Sector in Kazakhstan in the framework of the EXPO-2017. Both events are prepared and organized in close cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy and its Office in Kazakhstan (Astana respectively Almaty) and the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in Moscow and will be held in the period 5 - 7 September 2017. Director International Agribusiness, Mr. Michiel van Erkel, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will be the head of this series of greenhouse events in Kazakhstan.

The first part of the programme starts on the 5th of September in the EXPO-capital Astana, where the Seminar on the Dutch greenhouse value chain will be organized. Several Dutch guest speakers will give presentations on topics of interest taking into account the latest sector and market developments in the greenhouse industry in Kazakhstan. The same day and next morning meetings are foreseen with representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture and Financial Institutes like KazAgroFinance, Agrarian Credit Corporation as well the World Bank (IFC) and the EBRD

Trade Mission

The second part of the programme, the Trade Mission on the Greenhouse sector, is foreseen on the 6th and 7th of September in Taldykorgan (Almaty region), well-known for its horticulture. The Trade Mission will include the following activities:

  • Meeting with local authorities (Akim or deputy Akim of Almaty region) to discuss current developments in horticulture;
  • Meetings with local growers and agribusinesses in Taldykorgan in combination with presentations by the Dutch participating companies followed by an informal matchmaking.  

If your company is active in the greenhouse sector such areas as seeds, young plants, flower bulbs, greenhouse construction, substrate, floor and screen systems, climate control and ventilation, lighting, biological control agents, cooling and cold storage, sorting, grading and packing, processing and sales and distribution, horticultural consultancy and is interested in joining the Seminar and Trade Mission in Kazakhstan, please express your interest by sending an email at