Wie zijn wij?

Head of Mission


Ron Strikker

Deputy Head of Mission

Caecilia Wijgers

Secretary to the Ambassador

Gwendolyn Vanderpuye

Aid and Trade Cluster


Caecilia Wijgers

Office Manager

Gifty Baaba Boham DesBordes

First Secretary Economic Affairs 

Thierry van Helden

Policy Officer Agribusiness, Public Diplomacy

Josephine Ecklu

Second Secretary Trade & Private Sector Development

Jan Anne van der Veer

Trade and Information Officer

Gladys Ofei

Policy Officer Health

Theophilus Ayugane

First Secretary Water and Climate,
Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP)

Fred Smiet

Agricultural Counsellor

Bram Wits
Policy Support Officer Agriculture Jacobien Scherpbier- van Holthe

Policy Officer GNWP

Janet Arthur


Immigration Liaison Officer

Marlieke Geerdink

Assistant to the ILO

Maya Kanhai

Regional Schengen Coordination Officer        

Niels Kramer

Defence Attaché

Colonel Jack van Baarsel (Abuja)

Consular Affairs

Head Consular Front Office

Willem Schemkes

Consular Officer

Monique Paanakker

Consular Officer

Eliane Ewoe

Consular Officer

Mustapha Jimah

Consular Officer

Shirley Nunoo

Consular Officer

Seth Armah

Operational Affairs


Esther Hogan

Head Internal Affairs

Jacqueline Lobbezoo

Operations Management Officer

Christiana Arthur

Operations Management Officer

Andrew Dossouvi

Operations Management Officer

Paul Dossouvi


Godwin Davordzie