Wat doen wij in Sudan?

Narrative HME Khartoum

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Khartoum promotes the interests of the Netherlands in Sudan, the Central African Republic, Chad and Eritrea.

In Sudan, we help shape the deepening of the bilateral relations through constructive engagement. Our work evolves around 1) the promotion of the international legal order and human rights, 2) peace, security and stability, 3) consular services and Dutch values, and 4) sustainable trade and investment. Through this engagement, we aim to strategically contribute to inclusive peace and development  for the people of Sudan. Sudan is important as a source, transit and destination country for irregular migrants. The Netherlands, together with the EU, therefore engages with Sudan for the management of irregular migration in all its facets.

1.Justice and Human Rights

We support Sudanese civil society to claim their rights and to protect fundamental human rights such as the freedom of assembly and the freedom of expression. The Embassy supports vulnerable groups in conducting their advocacy work.

2. Peace, Security and Stability

We work to promote  sustainable peace in Darfur, Abyei and the Two Areas. For this, the Embassy facilitates dialogue, provides our colleagues in the UN Security Council with insights and suggestions and gives policy inputs to an integrated approach along the nexus humanitarian – development – peace. Furthermore, we engage with the Sudanese authorities on the topic of prevention of radicalization and violent extremism.

3. Consular services and Dutch values

The Embassy functions as a ‘home away from home’ for the Dutch(-speaking) community. We deliver first class consular services and we support Dutch professionals to successfully conduct their activities. Through public and cultural diplomacy we strengthen women and youth empowerment and promote Dutch knowledge, experience and innovative culture. With almost 30.000 followers, our Facebook-page provides a powerful platform to create debate, communicate and raise awareness on Dutch priorities and activities in Sudan, CAR, Chad and Eritrea.

4. Private sector-led Economic Growth

The Embassy uses economic diplomacy to forge ties between Dutch and Sudanese firms in order to strengthen the Sudanese productive sector and to help Dutch companies do business in Sudan.  In line with the Sustainable Development Goals and shaped by the mutual interests on curbing irregular migration, the Netherlands stimulates private sector-led economic growth in Sudan. By promoting (youth) entrepreneurship and the strengthening of Sudanese small and medium size companies, meaningful jobs are being created for both migrants and Sudanese host-communities.

CAR, Chad, Eritrea

In the Central African Republic, the Embassy focuses its efforts on monitoring the humanitarian situation and delivering of aid, following the security situation in the country, and contributing to the establishment of the Special Criminal Court.

Regarding Chad, the Embassy supports private sector-led economic growth, cultural- and youth initiatives, and monitors the political- and security developments.

In Eritrea, the Embassy works on consular services, monitoring the human rights situation and political developments, with a specific interest in the theme of irregular migration.