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Europe Department NL @NLMFAEurope

At the joint #ItalyToday event of @NLMFAEurope and @UniLeiden, academics, journalists and policy officers engaged in profound discussions about the rise of populism, #Italy's new government, maritime #migration and many more interesting topics 🇮🇹?

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 @DutchMFA

Two years ago today the Maltese journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia was murdered in a heinous attack on freedom of expression. There can be no democracy without a free and independent press. Let justice for journalism be served and set an example for everyone.

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Joop Nijssen @JoopNijssen

.@Jarlvanderploeg sharing his views on Italian politics and society at #ItalyToday event organised jointly by @UniLeiden and @DutchMFA

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Europe Department NL @NLMFAEurope

Very inspiring conference on the position of #WomenInDiplomacy in the past, present and future at the @PeacePalace The Hague. We have come a long way, but many obstacles are still out there and need to be discussed. Organized by @NLMFAEurope and @IrelandinNL 🇮🇪?

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