Podcast AI & LSH

Singapore and The Netherlands both face an increasing pressure on the healthcare system, due to a rapidly ageing population. Digitalisation in general, and use of Artifical Intelligence (AI) specifically, is one of the ways to address this issue.

In this episode we will discuss the use of AI in health care in Singapore. Which types of AI are currently used and which ones are promising? What will be lasting impacts of COVID on the healthcare system? How do researchers, doctors and the private sector work together to develop solutions that improve treatments and are trusted by patients? 

Guests are Prof Liu Yong of the A*STAR Institute for High Performance Computing. And Prof Wong TienProf Daniel Ting and Prof Gavin Tan, who are ophthalmologists at the Singapore National Eye Centre. They are the team behind SELENA+ - one of Singapore's National AI projects to diagnose diabetic retinopathy - and bring their experience of the research as well as the clinical practice. This episode is broadcasted from Singapore. To connect with the Innovation team at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore, visit Netherlands Innovation Network Singapore or send us an e-mail at sin-ia@minbuza.nl

You can listen to the podcast via the links below:

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