New step in Israeli-Dutch innovation cooperation

TEL AVIV – On one of his last official visits, ambassador Gilles Beschoor Plug opened the new branch of Dutch company ‘MIcompany’ in Tel Aviv. MIcompany educates data scientists and econometrists in the use of Artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Israeli and Dutch knowledge, a good fit

MIcompany’s choice to open their new branch in Tel Aviv makes sense, as Israel is a frontrunner in A.I. Within its ‘AI & Data talent program’, a 3-year A.I.-training program for young talents, MIcompany integrates the Israeli and Dutch qualities. Israeli knowledge and experience on deep learning and data technology gets brought together with Dutch expertise in transformations and competences in econometrics. Ambassador Beschoor Plug underlined this during his visit: “If we combine the knowledge from both countries, we can be of huge value to the world. And I think that is also our responsibility”. An example of the value that this cooperation leads to is the DNA-research by which MIcompany, in collaboration with the university of Groningen, wishes to gain insights into both causes of and solutions to asthma among young children.

Ambassador Beschoor Plug and his team witnessed presentations given by international participants of the ‘AI & Data Talent Program’. The participants were enthusiastic about MIcompany’s teaching methods. Ambassador Beschoor Plug was not surprised to hear this: “The Dutch way you teach about AI and communication by presentations is unique and inspiring”.

The opening of MIcompany’s new office in Israel fits into the Dutch Embassy’s goal to reinforce cooperation with Israel in the fields of innovation, investments and trade. Since August 5th, Gilles Beschoor Plug has been succeeded by Hans Docter, the new Dutch ambassador to Israel.