HE Tanja Gonggrijp heeft haar geloofsbrieven aangeboden

Vanochtend heeft Ambassador Gonggrijp haar geloofsbrieven aangeboden aan President Sirisena van Sri Lanka. Hierdoor is zij in staat gesteld alle officiele werkzaamheden van een ambassadeur uit te voeren in Sri Lanka.

De boodschap die zij vandaag overbracht aan de President was: “ Sri Lanka and the Netherlands have enjoyed a long history of friendship. From a mere historical connection, the bilateral relationship has grown over the years. I look forward to continuing the same high level of relationship while trying to further our foreign policy goals; a just, safe and prosperous world. The embassy will continue to contribute to our cooperation in shared cultural heritage, trade investments and knowledge sharing. The Netherlands also values our concerted efforts to empower women to fully take part in Sri Lankan society.“